How can i order the product that i requested?

You can order your product by selecting add to cart button from the page of the product you have requested.

How can i pay for the product?

You can pay via Credit Card.

How and where can i pickup the product that i ordered?

The products that you ordered, will be delivered to you at the Tiny Miny stations which you select at the reservation step, by the airport or the shipping company staffs.

How do I return the product that I rented?

After your use, you can return your product to the Tiny Miny stations that you pickup. If the product delivered to you by cargo, send the product to the address within the package that you received with the contract in it.

How do you clean the product that I ordered?

Rented products are washed with steam and special detergents manufactured for babies after each use. Also, we will give you a free cover with your order.

If the the product that I order is broken or incorrect. What should i do?

Please fill the condition report while collecting your hire with our personel. If there is a problem in the product that affects the products use, please contact us from destek.com

Can I change the product that I ordered?

If the product was delivered to you, you can’t change it. Please read the cancelation/restitution clause in contract.