Pre Information Form

SELLER: Ardeatek Elektronik ve Bilgi Teknolojileri Industry Trade Company Limited
Address: 19 Mayıs Mah. Turaboğlu Sok. Hamdiye Yazgan İş Merkezi No:4 Kat:2 Kozyatağı / İstanbul
Phone: +90 850 2071033
Fax: +90 216 3868011

MERSİS No: 0073042685600012



Type of the service, name of the product, sales and deposit prices including taxes are as indicated below.


Name of the Product (brand/model):


Rental Term:


Rental Price (including taxes):


Deposit Price:


Pickup Station:


Return Station:





Payments may be made by credit card over virtual Pos application in cash or in instalments, or through Money Order/EFT.
The kind and type, amount, brand/model, sales price, payment type (Credit Card/Money Order (EFT)), ship-to party, delivery address, phone number, invoice information, invoiced person/institution, invoice address, tax office, tax registration number and delivery costs of the purchased (leased) product/s in the electronic environment are as such specified in the terms of lease on the www.tinyminy.comwebsite.
The lease cost which equals to the multiplication of the daily lease cost of the product with the number of days under lease is withdrawn from buyer’s credit card. Moreover, a safety deposit calculated over the retail price that shall vary according to the brand/model and type shall also be withdrawn from the credit card that buyer indicated as a preliminary provision. The amount shall be refunded to buyer’s credit card once the buyer fulfils the terms of return.

In case of a demand to extend the lease beyond the reservation period after the start of the lease, the price is recalculated by the system and the resulting extra payment shall be withdrawn from the credit card provided by the client at the beginning of the lease.


Once buyer acknowledges the tax-included price of the products in the shopping cart, the transaction is realised through the POS services of the concerning bankcard. Moreover, a safety deposit calculated over the retail price that shall vary according to the brand/model and type shall also be withdrawn from the credit card that buyer indicated as a preliminary provision. Therefore, an order confirmation mail is sent out to the customer prior to the shipment. Shipments shall not be initiated without the Order Confirmation mail.

Any failures in the process or any issues with the credit card shall be communicated to buyer through the phone and/or fax and/or email that buyer indicated in the contract. If need be, buyer may be requested to contact his bank. Orders shall be processed not at the time of the order placement, but when the necessary amount is withdrawn from the credit card account or when the money order (EFT) or cash payment reaches the seller.

As an exception, if, due to valid reasons, the contract product cannot be supplied and/or stock related problems occur, buyer shall promptly be clearly informed and upon his acknowledgement; another product at the same quality and cost may be delivered; a new, different product according to the will and choice of buyer may be delivered; stock replacement or elimination of the obstacle preventing the delivery might be awaited; and/or the delivery may be cancelled.

Should the delivery responsibilities of the contract product prove to be impossible, buyer shall be informed of the situation, the total payment shall be refunded, all documents indebting buyer shall be returned to him within ten days at most, and thus the contract shall be terminated. In such a case, buyer shall have no further pecuniary or non-pecuniary claims from the seller. offers buyers who do not wish to use their credit card information in the online environment cash money order/EFT order facilities. For money order payments, buyer may choose the most convenient bank for him and place the money order. If EFT is preferred, the date of receipt to the bank account shall be taken into consideration. “Sender’s Information” in the Money order and/or EFT should be the same as in the Invoice Information, and order number should be placed.

Should the concerning bank or finance institution fail to deliver the product/service cost to the Selle due to the credit card belonging to Buyer being wrongfully or illegally used by unauthorised persons through no fault of Buyer following the delivery of the product, the Buyer’s right to delivery and to benefit from the relevant service shall be revoked. Should the Buyer benefit from the product/service despite the product/service cost not being paid to the Seller, the Buyer shall be obligated to personally pay the product/service cost to the Seller. All costs in such cases are in Buyer’s responsibility. Once Buyer chooses to pay with credit card, Buyer acknowledges, declares and undertakes that he shall confirm interest rates and default rate with his bank; and that all provisions related to interests and default interest shall be applied within the scope of the “Credit Card Contract” between the Bank and Buyer due to the legislation provisions in force.



Product/products shall be delivered at the Tiny Miny stations in the contracted airports, by Tiny Miny staff/airport personnel or by the contracted delivery company on the day/time and at the location indicated in the contract.


Delivery date may be postponed in cases of inaccuracies or insufficiencies in the delivery information, certain social events, and natural disasters. Buyer shall not place seller under any responsibilities for such postponements. If the product is to be delivered to a different person/institution than the Buyer, seller shall not be responsible for the extra costs due to ship-to person/institution rejecting the delivery, inaccuracies in the delivery information and/or the Buyer not being at the address. If the client does not receive the product/products within the indicated days, delivery issues should immediately be communicated to the customer services through



Whereas Buyer holds the right to cancellation with the condition of conveying the cancellation request to the Seller, thus denying the product or the service without claiming any reasons or assuming legal or penal responsibilities within 14 days from the conclusion of the Product Lease Contract with the Leaser under the provisions of the Regulation on Distance Sales Contracts Article 7; Buyer cannot exercise his right to cancellation for service contracts wherein the service has been initiated before the end of 14 days cancellation period upon the approval of the customer within the scope of the Regulation on Distance Sales Contracts Article 7 Clause 4 (a) sub clause. In other words, Buyer may exercise his right to cancellation within 14 days on the condition that he has not benefit from the service. It is imperative that the BUYER has not in any ways benefitted from the service he has purchased to exercise the right to cancellation, otherwise the cancellation request shall be invalid. Within 14 days from the receipt of the cancellation request by the SELLER, product cost including all other costs shall be refunded to the BUYER.


Buyer should convey the right to cancellation to the Seller. Buyer shall convey his request within the time period, and through written notice to the Seller’s mailing address, e-mail or fax.


Buyer shall be refunded to his credit card/bank account. Credit card refunds process durations to the credit card accounts are within the bank’s initiative.




This preliminary information form is valid for all kinds of information/publicity/announcements for the services offered by the Seller on the website, and is an integrated part of the Distance Sales Contract between the Buyer and Seller. Buyer acknowledges that he should convey all his demands to the Seller regarding this preliminary information form and the information on the service in the Distance Sales Contract that he shall conclude with the Seller within the customer legislations.

Arbitration Committees for Consumer Problems and Consumer Courts in the residence area of the Buyer shall be authorized for any conflicts stemming from the service in question in this Preliminary Information Form up to the value declared by the Ministry of Customs and Trade.


This present preliminary information form has been read and acknowledged by the Buyer in the electronic environment.

SELLER: Ardeatek Elektronik ve Bilgi Teknolojileri Industry Trade Company Limited