Privacy Policy

1. Tiny Miny Information Protection Policy

The payment information of the member as stated in this contract shall not be disclosed to the third parties by the site.

The site shall only disclose this information in case of an administrative or a legal liability or to safeguard the rights of the company or to ensure security. In case of any judiciary investigation which grants an authorization to access the aforementioned information, the site shall disclose the requested information to the relevant authorities. The credit card information shall not be reserved. The credit card information shall only be employed to be transferred to the related banks for authorization of the collection. This information shall be deleted from the system of the site after ensuring the bank authorization.

In addition to the cases specified within the scope of the General Terms of Use, the aforementioned personal information can be used in order to contact with the user, improve the user experience (improvement of the current services, providing new services and providing special services for the user) as well as for making various statistics without disclosing the user id, forming a database and doing market researches. The aforementioned information shall be processed, kept or transferred to the related business partners by the site for direct marketing. Additionally, the site shall use this personal information so as to contact the user in order to introduce the new application or services or notify about the maintenance or support activities. The information of the user’s e-mail address, mailing address and phone number shall only be used for standard product delivery and notification procedures by the site. Upon the approval of the member, the site shall send notifications to the user regarding the campaigns, new products and special offers.

The site holds right to anonymize the information about the operations of the user so as to use this information within the scope of the statistical evaluations, performance assessments, marketing campaigns of the company and the business partners, annual reports or other related reports as well as to keep, process and transfer this data to the business partners in order to achieve the aforementioned purposes.

It is possible to upload links to other webpages on the site and the company shall not be kept responsible for privacy procedures or contents of other webpages or programs.

The personal information are accessible to only the holder of the information except the company and this information shall only be updated by the holder. However, it shall be possible to update the personal information by the Company upon the request of the holder.

The information saved in the database of the company shall be transferred in the case that the company goes through a structural change such as handling, union or restructuring.

2. What Information Does Tiny Miny Collect?

IP Address: When you visit our page, we save your IP address. This address only identifies your Internet Services Provider (ISP) and does not include any personal information. We employ this information so as to better track the traffic on our webpage.

In the case that it is necessary to identify the system problems or immediately fix the system errors, the Company shall identify and use the IP addresses of the users. Additionally, the IP addresses shall be used to make a general classification of the users and collect a broad demographic knowledge.







3. How Does Tiny Miny Protect Your Information?

In the case that we need to access an information which requires special security precautions such as your credit card information, we use the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) coding technology.

4. Tiny Miny On-Line Promotions

In the case that you join any contest on our web page, we would like you to provide personal information so that we can inform you when necessary. For the conditions and rules of each contest or promotion might change, they will be announced during the related term of the promotion or contest. In the case that an award shall be granted by a third party, the aforementioned information shall be disclosed to the third party for granting the award.




5. Tiny Miny On-Line Surveys

When you participate in an online survey it is likely that you would need to provide demographic information such as your age and / or your income. It is up to your preference to provide all or none of this information. The results of these surveys shall be used to develop utility of our webpage.





6. Use of Cookies

One of the ways to acquire the information you would provide while using our webpage is to employ the cookies. The “cookies” stand for a small text file which is saved in your computer’s hard drive by your web page provider. With another wording, this information stands as a database which ensures that a web page knows you on your next visit. This text file is not a command file, nor a virus. This is a special identification of your information which can only be read by a web provider which is able to define the code of the aforementioned text file.

The objective of the cookies is to notify the web provider that you visited the related page for the second time.

The cookies used in our web page are the “continuous cookies”. Continuous cookies are kept in your computer until they are manually deleted. If you do not want these cookies to be kept in your computer you can delete the cookies in the settings of your web browser.

On the Help tab of many web browsers, you can find a detailed explanation about how to accept the cookies or arrange if your web browser notifies you or not when it comes across with cookies or how to deactivate the cookies. Yet, please do not forget that the cookies avails you an opportunity to make use of helpful features provided by Tiny Miny webpage. Therefore, we strongly suggest you to keep your cookies activated.

The other programmes attached to your web browser or installed in your computer may block the continuous or other types cookies. In such a case, you would not face any problem in accessing to the webpage of Tiny Miny but you would need to re – enter the information you provided before for logging in or filling a form. If your cookies are activated and you logged in on a shared computer, please make sure that you logged out before leaving the webpage.

Each user shall be deemed to admit the principles of Privacy Policy by visiting this web page.

The Company holds right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time providing that it is released on the Site. The amended principles of the Privacy Policy shall be put into force on the date of release on the Site.