Terms And Conditions

This contract is hereby made to confirm that the Lessor, Ardeatek Elektronik ve Bilgi Teknolojileri San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. Agrees to lease out the product defined by the user “Company” (referred to as “Product” hereafter in this contract) to the User whose name and address are stated within the contract. The Lessee hereby declares and guarantees that he shall comply with the terms and conditions identified in this contract with regard to the usage of the product and the web page (Lease duration, return station etc.). The Lessee hereby guarantees to pay the rental rate and acknowledges the general sales conditions.

The lessee hereby undertakes all responsibilities born or caused by himself. All notifications sent to the lessee’s address stated in this contract shall be deemed valid.

  1. Membership is for free and available for everyone.
  2. This rights and responsibilities are binding for all users.
  3. Membership to the Site is individual. Each user signs up by identifying a “username” or his/her e-mail address and a password. One “username” represents only one person and shall not be used by different users. The usernames and the passwords shall not be used by or handled to others. In such cases, the Site shall not be responsible for any problem.
  4. The password you enter to sign up to the Site is known only by you. You shall be responsible for identification and security of your password. The site shall not be responsible for any problem born by the usage of the password.
  5. It is necessary to enter the name, surname and phone number…etc. information completely while signing up to the Site. In the case that one of this information is wrong or missing, the site reserves right to change the profile of the user and suspend or cancel user’s membership without need to make any related notification in advance.
  6. Each user has right to create one account on the Site. In the case that it is found out that a user created more than one account, this shall be deemed violation of the site rules and all the membership accounts of the user shall be cancelled.
  7. In the case that the membership information of a user is obtained or changed by an unauthorized person because of a faulty operation of the user, the Site shall not be kept responsible for any possible damages.
  8. The company reserves right to cancel a membership in the case that a user uses or tends to use any software which poses a threat against the security of the site, prevents or hinders functioning of the Site.
  9. The members admit providing the accurate information for registration and admits any responsibility for any results caused by inaccuracy of the related information. The site requests the users to check and approve the accuracy of the information provided while signing up and does not take any responsibility in this sense.
  10. The site reserves rights of all materials including the written materials, materials with pictures or graphics. It is strictly forbidden to copy these materials and release / market on personal pages. In the case that it is necessary to use these materials on the personal pages, it is obligatory to ensure referencing for the related quotation or material or include an expression on the page so as to prove that the user has been authorized to share the related material. Otherwise, the site shall not be kept responsible for any legal liabilities.
  11. The site can include reference links to the other web pages which are out of the control of the Site. The Site shall not be kept responsible for the content of these pages.
  12. The Site uses cookies. Cookies are small text files, given ID tags that are stored on your computer's browser directory or program data subfolders. Cookies are created when you use your browser to visit a website that uses cookies to keep track of your movements within the site, help you resume where you left off and remember the necessary information you provided.
  13.  In the case that there is any misinformation regarding the price or feature of a product on the Site, the Site shall immediately inform the user about this case, ensure delivery by correcting the misinformation or cancel the order.
  14. The users acknowledge that all purchasing activities done on the Site are for personal usage and that he/she shall not sell or lease the purchased product to third parties.
  15. The site shall collect the price of the products by using a virtual POS machine. The Site shall block the amount of the price of the product and the deposit.
  16. In the case that a credit card is used for online payment by someone else than the holder of the card, necessary actions shall be taken in the light of the principles of the Bank Cards and Credit Cards Law No.5465 of 23.02.2006 and Decree Law on Bank Cards and Credit Cards gazetted within the Official Gazette No. 26458 of 10.03.2007.
  17. The information, photos and the links provided on the Site shall not be copied and used for other products or services.
  18. The members can cancel their membership any time. The Site reserves right to cancel a membership at any time as well.
  19. The Lessee shall return the product on the specified date in the same condition as he received to the Tiny Miny station in the city where the product is leased or in another station which shall be clearly stated in the contract. The Lessee hereby acknowledges that he shall ensure the approval of the lessor for any extension in the duration. Both parties agree that any unapproved extensions shall be deemed illegal.
  20. The Lessee hereby acknowledges that he received the product in a good condition as complete, with no mechanical faults and that the product has no damage or other problems (With the exception of the ones stated in the Lease Contract or the product delivery form). In the case that there is a damage or mechanical problem in the product caused by usage error or / and lack of attention or precaution, the lessee acknowledges and guarantees to pay any penalty and meet the related demands of the third parties upon first request (For example; the damages in the moving parts of a baby carriage, breaking the pedals or the handles etc.). In the case that there is any type of damage in the leased product, the amount of the money which is identified to compensate any type of damage in the product, thus being charged to the credit card of the lessee as a deposit hold shall not be returned.
  21. The lessee shall be responsible for ensuring the security of the product and take necessary precautions against any cases of theft during the period of time when the product shall not be used by the lessee. In the case that the leased product is stolen, the aforementioned amount which shall be charged as a pre-deposit hold on the credit card of the lessee shall not be returned.
  22. The lessor shall not be kept responsible for the loss of any living being or premises carried or left in or on the leased product by the lessee.
  23. The Site shall not be kept responsible for any mechanic, electronic or communicational failures or break downs which are out of the control of the Site.
  24. If a specific provision of this contract is deemed invalid and not applied, the invalidity shall only be for the related provision and the rest of the contract shall remain valid.
  25. This contract is interpreted within the scope of the Turkish laws and the Istanbul Courts are responsible for performance of this contract.
  26. In the case that the users and the members do not pay attention to the aforementioned conditions and thus damage themselves or other users, the Site shall not hold any responsibilities.
  27. The Site reserves right to amend the articles above without notifying the users in advance.